WWDC 2013 101: Platforms State of the Union




New UI

3 big ideas: Clarity, Deference (getting the chrome out of the way of the content), Depth (parallax, blurs, sophisticated animations) 

4 things to pay attention to: Content (shows through the bars) , Metrics (cells are going edge to edge), Buttons (using coloured text more than buttons, don’t have borders), Pickers (pops in inline with content)

Text Kit: complement to WebKit

Animations: dynamics, transitions (e.g. View Controller transitions), motion effects (UIMotionEffects – e.g. for parallax effect), UIKit Dynamics (physics engine)

Multitasking: new multitasking interface, background fetch and transfers; 

For more info read:

iOS7 Transition Guide 

OS X Mavericks

Battery Life – some major updates such as listing power hungry apps;

Centralized Memory Management – Low memory notifications, Purgeable memory, Compressed memory; 

Responsive Scrolling – rendered on the main thread in small tiles, automatic for OS X 10.8; 

App Nap – Timer Rate Limiting (i.e. apps perform CPU work together); 

Multi Monitors;


Xcode 5.0

For iOS7 and OS X Mavericks.

Asset catalogs: naming convention of @2x etc is deprecated (more here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17052344/access-asset-catalog-programmatically); slice images in Xcode; 

Auto Layout workflow – set constraints and get immediate feedback in Xcode via the Assistant

Debug Gauges – also iCloud debugging; Quicklook for variables;

Testing Tools – Test Navigator (e.g. Unit Tests), can now run just one test or at class or bundle level. XCTest – not much on the internet about all this yet but an interesting article in Chinese here:


Source Control – Top Level source control menu (Checkout, commit, merge, see history)

Continuous Integration – merging many code updates from many developers and constantly integrating them into the code base. Bots – CI tasks that run on OS X Server (Xcode > Product > Create Bot).

Sprite Kit

Available for iOS and OS X.

Physics Engine; Particles; CIFilters; Video so Masking can be added inline over video

See the Adventure Game source code.

Game Controllers

Defining a standard software interface.

1. a hardware standard

2. a software interface

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