Trackbacks and Pingbacks

Quick, visual explanation of what trackbacks and pingbacks are. Note that website and blog can be used interchangeably here.

1. Someone (Person A) writes a Post on their website (A)

2. You (Person B) read it and want to comment on it. BUT you want your readers to see your comment AND comment about it on your own website (B). So, you post on your own website (B)

3. Now, you send a message to website A (this message is called a trackback) which contains an excerpt of the comment you’ve posted on your own website

4. Their website (A), having received your trackback, now posts your comment to their post which links back to your website

The only difference between trackbacks and pingbacks is:

  • trackbacks use HTTP POSTs
  • pingbacks use XML-RPC

Think of pingbacks as remote comments.

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