Terraform and Azure


  • Azure will let you create your own custom Dashboards
  • ARM templates (aka Azure Resource Management) – predefined infrastructure using JSON
  • E.g. using Azure Cloud Shell (which includes terraform, git, etc): git clone https://github.com/scarolan/azure-terraform-beginners
  • Edit terraform.tfvars
    • resource_group
    • hostname (dashes OK, probably not underscores)
    • location: get a list using az account list-locations --output table
    • az vm list-skus -l westindia --output table | grep Standard_A0
  • terraform init: gets workspace ready, pulls in plugins and modules
  • terraform plan
  • terraform apply
  • See it being built in real-time in resource groups

Notes on the code: https://github.com/scarolan/azure-terraform-beginners

  • main.tf:
    • azurerm_resource_group: Azure must have a resource group
    • azurerm_virtual_network
    • azurerm_subnet
    • azurerm_network_security_group
    • azurerm_network_interface
    • provisioner “remote-exec” – simple remote exec. Could use Ansible, Chef


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