Google Webmaster Tools

==== UPDATE ====

Google have just released their new and improved navigation.

However, much of the comments I had about the last version still apply.

In addition I would add that changing the UI confuses people. You have to dig around again to try and find things.

Bit of an odd bag.

Crawl Stats 

This gives you a progress report on how far Google has progressed with a crawl.

Now under Crawl (was under the Health category.  

It would make more sense to split this out into a Status (or perhaps Statistics) category.


Sitemaps lets you add or test a site map. It also, importantly, shows you the current status of how much of your site has been indexed (i.e. how many submitted links have been indexed by Googlebot) (as mentioned below, this differs from the total number shown in Index Status – odd). If the search engine hasn’t started indexing you’ll see a “Pending” under the Indexed column.

Now under Crawl (was under Optimization).

Surely it would make more sense to go under Configuration!

Index Status

Index Status is a graph showing the total number of pages indexed. Not particularly useful other than to refer to once in a blue moon to check totals add up. 

Oddly the total number of pages shown as indexed here does not equal the total number of pages indexed via Sitemaps.

Location:  now under Google Index (was under Health).

Surely it would make more sense to be in a Status (or Statistics) category. I don’t see how the number of pages indexed had anything to do with Health. 

Generally speaking, perhaps Google should add a generic Status category.

Google seem to be able to create awesome tools but really poor product designs or user interfaces.

How to develop / migrate apps for the iPhone 5

1. Set a 4-inch launch image for your app called Default-568h@2x.png

This is how you get 1136 px screen height (without it, you will get 960 px with black margins on top and bottom).

This should be enough.

2. If not, adjust your view layouts with proper auto resizing masks or look into Auto Layout if you only want to support >= iOS 6.

If you need to some specific resizing then check the height of [[UIScreen mainScreen] bounds] (or applicationFrame, but then you need to consider status bar height if it's present) as there seems to be no specific API for that.


Automatic Post Tagger

Not quite as awesome as an automatic post categoriser but still pretty handy: