Pasting multiple images into a Word document – Microsoft Word rant

Here’s an unexpectedly tricky task to do using Microsoft Word 2011 on a Mac (apart from other trivial things like not being able to copy and paste the version number):

Pasting multiple images into a Word document

You’d think you’d just copy and paste.

Nope, that doesn’t work. Instead you have to copy them into TextEdit. Then copy and paste them into Word.

Note – this doesn’t work:


Next, the size is all wrong. Large images are off-screen. I don’t understand why the default size isn’t too the size of the Word doc. Anyway, turns out there’s no way to auto size them to the width of the page. This is about the closest I could get. However,  F4 is mentioned but gives the Dashboard on a Mac so this must be a Windows shortcut. Also, the Macro doesn’t work as you can’t drag the corner of an image when recording a macro.

Automatic Post Tagger

Not quite as awesome as an automatic post categoriser but still pretty handy: