AdSense – yellow box

Couple of reasons:

1. Your AdSense account or ad may not be approved yet

Solution: wait

2. You may have some CSS that's making the background yellow

Solution: change the CSS

If you're running WordPress some installs, apparently (it wasn't the case for me), have the attribute set to yellow by default.

A final note: there are some good WordPress plugins which make the job of adding AdSense into your blog easier.


Code syntax highlighting when using WordPress and MarsEdit

How to add code syntax highlighting when using WordPress and MarsEdit

1. Install this:

2. Use Format > Customize to create a custom PRE tag class, e.g.

<pre class="brush: ruby">

Other brushes:

    ActionScript3 – as3, actionscript3
    Bash shell – bash, shell
    ColdFusion – cf, coldfusion
    C# – c-sharp, csharp
    C++ – cpp, c
    CSS – css
    Dephi – delphi, pas, pascal
    Diff – diff, patch
    Erlang – erl, erlang
    Groovy – groovy
    JavaScript – js, jscript, javascript
    Java – java
    Perl – perl, pl
    Plain Text – plain, text
    PowerShell – ps, powershell
    Ruby – rails, ror, ruby
    Scala – scala
    SQL – sql
    Visual Basic – vb, vbnet
    XML – xml, xhtml, xslt, html, xhtml

Automatic Post Tagger

Not quite as awesome as an automatic post categoriser but still pretty handy: