How to develop / migrate apps for the iPhone 5

1. Set a 4-inch launch image for your app called Default-568h@2x.png

This is how you get 1136 px screen height (without it, you will get 960 px with black margins on top and bottom).

This should be enough.

2. If not, adjust your view layouts with proper auto resizing masks or look into Auto Layout if you only want to support >= iOS 6.

If you need to some specific resizing then check the height of [[UIScreen mainScreen] bounds] (or applicationFrame, but then you need to consider status bar height if it's present) as there seems to be no specific API for that.


Let an iPhone user know they can access your content via their device

Here's how:

1. Check if the user-agent matches an iPhone/iPod Touch

2. Check for an appInstalled cookie

3. If the cookie exists and is set to true, set window.location to your-uri:// (or do the redirect server side)

4. If the cookie doesn't exist, open a “Did you know this site has an iPhone application?” dialog with a “Yes, already got it”, “No, let's try it” or a “Leave me alone” button.

Unable to Download Application, Application could not be installed at this time

Usually this means the app profile does not contain your device. Or there’s some confusion with another profile.

Some tips if:

A. you’re installing:
1. Delete the App
2. Delete any older profiles (Settings > General > Profiles)

B. you’re signing:
1. Delete old profiles in Organizer otherwise apps can sometimes get signed with an older profile
2. Build Clean
3. Make sure you’ve selected Release and Device when doing the Build
4. Make sure you choose the Ad Hoc Provisioning Profile

More info:


Automatic Post Tagger

Not quite as awesome as an automatic post categoriser but still pretty handy: