Checking Passenger’s status:

$ passenger-status

*** ERROR: You are not authorized to query the status for this Phusion Passenger instance. Please try again with ‘rvmsudo’.

$ rvmsudo passenger-status

Warning: can not check `/etc/sudoers` for `secure_path`, falling back to call via `/usr/bin/env`, this breaks rules from `/etc/sudoers`. Run:

    export rvmsudo_secure_path=1

to avoid the warning, put it in shell initialization file to make it persistent.

$ cat “export rvmsudo_secure_path=1” >> ~/.bash_profile; source ~/.bash_profile

and then:

$ rvmsudo passenger-status

———– General information ———–

Max pool size : 6

Processes     : 2

Requests in top-level queue : 0

———– Application groups ———–


  App root: /path/to/app/current

  Requests in queue: 0

  * PID: 11785   Sessions: 0       Processed: 17      Uptime: 1h 11m 34s

    CPU: 0%      Memory  : 53M     Last used: 9m 48s a


  App root: /path/to/app/current

  Requests in queue: 0

  * PID: 7139    Sessions: 0       Processed: 892     Uptime: 1h 56m 39s

    CPU: 0%      Memory  : 58M     Last used: 6s ago

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