PixelPumper – a new native app for the Mac for WordPress blogs

If you’ve run a blog you know how tedious updating a web app can be. 

1. open up your WordPress Admin panel 

 2. wait 5 seconds for it to load 

 3. click Add New Post 

 4. wait 5 seconds for it to load 

 5. enter your text and click Preview 

 6. wait 5 seconds for it to load 

 7. make a change and click Preview 

 8. wait 5 seconds for it to load 

 9. click Publish 


Or, if you want to make a change, you do a Search, wait 5 seconds, click the post you want, wait 5 seconds, then  go through the entire tedious process again. 

 So, I’m instantly blown away by PixelPumper. It’s a native Mac app that lets you blog to WordPress. The searching is real-time and no tedious waiting other than the post to the server. And even that is quicker ‘cos you’re only doing a 1 way trip (i.e. the content goes to the server rather than a 2 way trip where you’re uploading the content when you click Publish and then waiting for the resulting web page to return).  

 I have absolutely no affiliation with these guys but it absolutely rocks. Check it out here: 



And it’s free! Sound too good to be true? It’s only free whilst it’s in development.


And I love the drag and drop images!

Blog posted using PixelPumper.

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