PagerDuty: Alerts vs Incidents


An incident represents a problem or an issue that needs to be addressed and resolved.

Incidents trigger on a service, which prompts notifications to go out to on-call responders per the service’s escalation policy.


Note on the difference between Urgency, Severity and Priority:

  • Urgency tied to Incidents – how you should be notified
  • Severity tied to Alerts – how impacted a service is
  • Priority tied to Incidents – order of incidents

Priority: Configuration > Incident Priorities (Enterprise only)




When a service sends an event to PagerDuty, an alert and corresponding incident is triggered in PagerDuty….┬áMultiple alerts can be aggregated into a single incident for triage.

States of Alert:

Note: notifications are not sent to users based on alerts. If all alerts for an incident are resolved then that incident becomes resolved.

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