Living with Microsoft Word

Very interesting piece on how to deal with the bugs and problems inherent in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a beast [1].  Word is an evolved creation, the bastard offspring of marketing, some original thoughts on how to create a word processor, and generations of Ziff-Davis (PC Magazine) induced rapid mutation to fit someone’s distorted checklist. It is to software as the Irish Elk was to mammals. It is an inherently incurable mass of contradictory impulses, which are fully evident in Word’s formatting model. It is the single most miserable piece of software that I absolutely must use.

This web page contains my personal notes on attempting to live with the beast.

This document borrows extensive from the material listed in Links. Over time it will be all my own writing, but at this point some is cut and pasted from the real experts who are acknowledged in the Links section. It began with this usenet article.

I must add that despite my personal dislike of Microsoft Word I am grateful to the experts who’ve responded to my questions on microsoft.public.word.formatting.longdocs. They fight a noble war with the Beast. Lastly, I’m interested in suggestions on alternative word processors. 

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