Linode Rails Server: Debian or Ubuntu

Debian is the oldest of the Linux distributions and has a venerable history. 

But what attracts me to Ubuntu are the LTS distributions (or Long Term Support). You get a massive 5 years of support for that distribution. So, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS will be backed till 2017! Debian will support the previous release for 1 year.

Also, Ubuntu has the backing of a commercial organisation.

See also:


and a specific guide to setting up a Rails server on Ubuntu 12.04 here:

For the process of provisioning your server, see:

and, for Phusion Passenger, this is a useful read:

If you’re on a Mac then use PassengerPane for local Rails deployments (helps avoid cluttered /etc/hosts):

Hint – just use:

$ gem install passenger

$ passenger-install-apache2-module

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