Kubernetes: helm

Getting it up and running

Install with brew install kubernetes-helm


Main concepts:

1. Chart: Helm package – contains all the resource definitions to run an application in a Kubernetes cluster.

See Helm Charts for examples of using Helm

2. Repository: where charts are stored

3. Release: an instance of a chart in a Kubernetes cluster. E.g. with a MySQL chart, you can have 2 databases running in a cluster by installing the chart twice. Each is its own release with its own release name.


Helm has two parts: the client (helm) and the server (tiller).

Tiller runs inside the Kubernetes cluster



helm – outputs commands available

helm version – outputs client / server version.

helm init – runs helm.

helm init --upgrade– to upgrade Tiller.



Error: Get dial tcp connect: connection refused

it’s probably ‘cos you need to start Kubernetes. E.g. with minikube use:

minikube start


Error: could not find a ready tiller pod

if you run kubectl -n kube-system get po, check you see a tiller-deploy pod available there. Then, given the pod `tiller-deploy-6fd8d857bc-fp5s2

kubectl logs tiller-deploy-6fd8d857bc-fp5s2

Error from server (NotFound): pods "tiller-deploy-6fd8d857bc-fp5s2" not found

Solution to this is to use


kubectl logs --namespace kube-system tiller-deploy-6fd8d857bc-fp5s2

which says:




version is now working. But unsure if it was down to the earlier command I ran:

minikube addons enable registry-creds


Error: could not find tiller

Need to run helm init.




For more on Helm Charts see: Helm Charts


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