k8s deployment strategies

1. start local Kubernetes v1.10.0 cluster…


If it hangs on:

Starting cluster components...

You can see what’s going on with:

minikube logs

which spits out thousands of lines of logs.

Annoyingly minikube logs -f does not work even though it’s implemented internally: https://github.com/kubernetes/dashboard/issues/1083

See Installing Kubernetes: Minikube for a solution.


2. helm init

3. Install Prometheus

which outputs

Note: it mentions ContainerCreating – you can check on the current status with:

helm list

This shows you the state of the pod you’ve just created:

prometheus 1 Thu Nov 1 13:22:45 2018 DEPLOYED prometheus-7.0.0 2.3.2 monitoring

which had those 4 containers:

prometheus-node-exporter-mfgcj 0/1 ContainerCreating 0 1s prometheus-alertmanager-99f6bfbcc-b8hkc 0/2 ContainerCreating 0 0s prometheus-kube-state-metrics-6584885ccf-fkkxc 0/1 ContainerCreating 0 0s prometheus-pushgateway-d5fdc4f5b-m7kzj 0/1 ContainerCreating 0 0s prometheus-server-86887bb56b-sjwhq 0/2 Pending 0 0s




Source: https://github.com/ContainerSolutions/k8s-deployment-strategies

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