Google Contacts – I can’t find any of my Contacts any more

I have all my contacts in Google Contacts.

If I want to find someone I usually type their name in the Google Contacts search box and I can find them in seconds.

This has all changed now.

The latest version of Google Contacts now searches Google+. E.g. take a look at this:

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Here’s a search I did recently for someone called Mark.

Why does Google think it makes any sense whatsoever to search all the Marks in the entire world?

I’ve tried clicking all the menu options at the top and on the left such as “Frequently contacted”, etc.

I have literally no idea how to search my Contacts any more. Fortunately, I have my contacts synced with my iPhone and now do all my searches using the Contact app there.


2 thoughts on “Google Contacts – I can’t find any of my Contacts any more

  1. ev says:

    SOLUTION (for now)
    Under “More” select “Export” – It will tell you that Export is not yet implemented for the new google contacts and give you an option to go to the old contacts page. Click on “GO TO OLD CONTACTS” and you will happily see the familiar contacts page.

  2. ev says:

    Even better, under “More”, click on “Leave the Contacts preview”

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