Fedex sucks – badly

I’ve got a delivery from the US.

I wasn’t at home when it arrived. There wasn’t a card but according to the tracking number, it was supposed to be delivered the next day by 6pm.

I stayed in all day. I was pretty sure it wouldn’t arrive.

By 4pm I was sure and called and asked. They said it was on the van.

By 5pm their phone lines stopped answering.

By 6:40pm no parcel and the website said their office hours were 9am to 6pm.

I rang the US International office. They said they’d have to put me through to the UK office. I explained that this would be shut. But they gave me the UK International number anyway.

Which turned out to be wrong. It was an 0845 number and I had to redial with 0345. Finally I got through to reach an answering maching which said they were shut.

And they disconnected.

Why was I so sure it wouldn’t arrive?

‘cos this happened exactly the same last time.


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