Docker: Apache container

Running Apache in Docker from Ubuntu

Install Docker

curl -fsSL | sh


To allow you to use Docker as a user

sudo usermod -aG docker <username>


Run Docker with Apache image:

sudo docker run -dit –name apache -p 8080:80 -v /tmp/webroot:/usr/local/apache2/htdocs/ httpd:2.4

This will overwrite anything you’ve written to local webroot path.

Also, 8080:80 is host:container.

See also docker container run


And docker stop <your container name> will not delete that volume. It persists.


Test from local machine with:

curl localhost:8080


Note: you can access your container ID if you know the container name. E.g. assuming the container name is apache then you can use:

APP_ID=docker ps | grep apache | awk '{print $1}'


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