Debugging ‘git fetch’ on Windows 7

Assuming you’re using PowerShell:

1. Set GIT_TRACE=1

$env:GIT_TRACE = 1

NOTE: for more debug info use: GIT_CURL_VERBOSE=1

2. Check this is set by viewing the environment variable (use %% for cmd – see later):


3. Run your ‘git fetch’ with whatever remote you’ve defined. See notes on defining a remote repo.

git fetch <your-remote-nickname>

4. You should now see TRACE output like this:

trace: run_command: ‘ssh’…



1. If you haven’t defined a remote here’s how:

git init

git remote add <your remote nickname> <git@host:/path/to/repo.git>

Then check by listing your remote repos with:

git remote -v

2. If you’re using the Windows default shell then view an environment variable as follows:

echo %GIT_TRACE%

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