Open Source web frameworks for 2016, 2017, 2018 and beyond

As an Open Source developer specializing in PHP frameworks like WordPress, Drupal, CodeIgniter and Symfony I’m always keen to know where to focus my efforts on new technologies.

But how can you predict where a web technology is going?

This is where Google Trends comes to the rescue. Here are some graphs of interest (in terms of searches for the technology) of new and existing Open Source web frameworks.

One caveat – a search for a term covers a lot of potential use cases such as end users wanting to find out more or developers searching for more information. A higher search number does not mean higher pay rates but it does mean there is a global interest in the technology.

Firstly, some CMSs: Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, TYPO3

WordPress is clearly more popular (which is understandable given its dominance). However, interestingly, Drupal is clearly on a downward trend. Anyone care to explain why?

I did have a look at other CMS’s such as OctoberCMS and PageKit but these did not even feature on the graph hence the omission. If anyone wanted a graph of up-coming systems perhaps I could do a separate chart.

Then, some frameworks: Yii, Symfony, Laravel, Zend, CodeIgniter

Some key takeaways – Laravel is going through the roof!
And Zend, which hit a peak in 2009, is clearly dropping off the radar. CodeIgniter, which had a peak in 2013, still has a strong interest and is in second place.

It would be interesting to expand on these graphs. Any suggestions on other frameworks or time periods to focus on?

Remove Gmail Sponsored Links

Here’s a script you can use with GreaseMonkey or Stylish that removes those pesky Gmail sponsored link adverts on the right hand side.

If I had a pay-and-remove option then that would be something I’d seriously consider however this is all Gmail Help has to say on the matter:

Opt Out of Ads

Gmail users can’t opt out of receiving ads because these sponsored links help Google support the cost of providing Gmail for free to our users. Instead of serving pop-ups and untargeted banner ads, Gmail displays text ads using our contextual advertising technology. These ads should be relevant to the content of your messages and we hope you’ll find them useful.

Note, an update since I originally posted this – Google have released Google Apps Premier Edition which lets you opt out of ads and also gives you a whopping 25GB of space. All for $50 / user account / year.

Inspirational design sites….

 These sites all have something that makes them stand-out…

And a “60 best CSS directories” listing…

Inspirational design sites….

 These sites all have something that makes them stand-out…

And a “60 best CSS directories” listing…