git and Sublime Text integration

I’ve tried GitSavvy and struggled using it.

I like Sublime Merge.

Install with Command Palette (Ctrl Shift P), Install, Sublimemerge 3.

Then use via Command Palette. E.g. blame > Sublime Merge: Blame File will launch a new window showing tons of detail.

Also, if you’re wanting Blame integration, take a look at Blame Explorer. Once installed just hover over the line number in a file to see the change log.

Sublime Text 2 – Tips and Tricks

-1. Go to next oldest tab on stack

`Ctrl Tab`


0. Find file: `Ctrl P`


1. Want to browse functions or methods?

Command R

or Ctrl R


pops up a tool that lets you browse everything from Class definitions to methods.

So useful!

Try pressing up and down whilst in your commands pop up to auto scroll.


2. Launch Sublime from your shell


ln -s “/Applications/Sublime Text” ~/bin/subl


and then use:


subl .


3. Amazingly, you can use TextMate bundles!


Lots more here:


4. Package Control:

Cmd Shift p


5. Switch off Definitions

Annoyingly, Sublime Text shows Definitions automatically. So you’ll be moving your mouse down the screen and suddenly a screen of code will pop up.

Disable by adding:

"show_definitions": false,

in Settings (Cmd ,)