GKE – Google Kontainer Engine

GKE is Google’s Kubernetes service and layered on top of Google Compute Engine(aka GCE) which provides the compute instances.

Note that Container Engine (as referred to in some older documentation) was renamed as Kubernetes Engine back in November 2017.

Note: the submenus have moved as follows:

Compute > Container Engine > Container clusters -> Compute > Kubernetes Engine > Container clusters

Compute > Container Engine > Container Registry (aka Google’s hosted Docker Registry) -> Tools > Container Registry

E.g. spinning up a cluster:

  1. go to Compute > Kubernetes Engine > Container clusters and Add New
  2. select a Zone (by the way, interesting how europe-west1-a is missing. Apparently they took it down for maintenance years ago and never brought it back up! )
  3. leave Nodes at default: 3 (doesn’t include master – e.g. apiserver and scheduler)
  4. click Create (note the Equivalent REST or command line links below)
  5. to see details once created, click your cluster. It should reveal:
    1. apiserver endpoint IP address
  6. click Shell icon (top right) to get a Cloud Shell. e.g.
    1. gcloud container clusters list
  7. click Connect (to right of cluster), paste in shell => configures kubectl to connect to our new cluster. e.g.
    1. kubectl get nodes
  8. can https to our new endpoint