git rebase: CONFLICT

git rebase master
First, rewinding head to replay your work on top of it…
Applying: using feature branch for now
Applying: building from feature branch
Using index info to reconstruct a base tree…
M file/A
Falling back to patching base and 3-way merge…
Auto-merging file/A
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in file/A
error: Failed to merge in the changes.
Patch failed at 0002 building from feature branch
Use ‘git am –show-current-patch’ to see the failed patch

Resolve all conflicts manually, mark them as resolved with
“git add/rm <conflicted_files>”, then run “git rebase –continue”.
You can instead skip this commit: run “git rebase –skip”.
To abort and get back to the state before “git rebase”, run “git rebase –abort”.


Upload a new Github Repo from the command line

1. create the repo via curl

Replace <this>:

2. upload

Assuming you’ve created your git repo locally, added and committed then:

3. check

It should be at:

warning: deleting branch ‘old_branch’ that has been merged to ‘refs/remotes/origin/old_branch’, but not yet merged to HEAD: why I hate/love git

git is immensely powerful. In the same way that English is as a language. There are endless nuances.

I love that you can do so much with it.

However, I hate that, even after a decade using it, I’m still running into basic issues that interrupt my workflow while I go and research the error message to see what’s going on under the hood.

Here’s an example. I was so confident I could delete the local branches I did two at once. And ran into 2 separate error messages. i.e. I did a git branch -d <local_branch1 local_branch2> that had been pushed and merged only to get these messages:

A. warning: deleting branch 'old_branch' that has been merged to 'refs/remotes/origin/old_branch', but not yet merged to HEAD.

Turns out, when you do a merge --squashand delete the remote branch you’ll get this warning. Here’s why:

  1. you created the branch
  2. pushed to remote
  3. merged there and deleted the remote branch
  4. did a pull from origin/master
  5. your local HEAD (master) does not have a record of this merge (even though it was done on the remote) hence the warning


Check with: