Elasticsearch: another snakes nest

I ran into a problem with UNASSIGNED shards in an Elasticsearch cluster after experiencing a degraded EC2 instance.

I did the usual steps to solve:

See Elasticsearch: degraded instance

and ran into a heap of problems.

I installed curator_cli using

pip install elasticsearch-curator

but found that, despite reams of pages using the command delete_indices, curator kept saying No such command.



Someone else had experienced this:


The solution seemed to be to downgrade some library called Click.



So I downgraded Click with:

pip install click==6.7 elasticsearch-curator==5.5.4

Now I’m running into

elasticsearch.exceptions.ElasticsearchException: Unable to create client connection to Elasticsearch. Error: Elasticsearch version 1.7.5 incompatible with this version of Curator (5.5.4)

It seems there’s a compatibility issue.