ECR Console Version 2

ECR (Amazon Container Registry) now has a dedicated management console.

Simple guide to creating a repo and pushing a docker image to it:

1. and click Create a repository > Get Started

2. Enter a repository name (usually namespace/repo-name). e.g. snowcrash/wordpress

3. You’ll get a panel showing the URI – e.g.

4. You’ll need to push a docker image to this repo. Assuming you’ve got a docker image you’re happy with locally then get a docker login command by running $(aws ecr get-login --no-include-email --region eu-west-2).

You get this aws ecr get-login command from your ECR console by clicking View push commands.

Note: the --no-include-email is required for more recent versions of docker. E.g. if you get the error message:

If it succeeds, you should get:

5.  tag it with

docker tag <image id> <remote tag>

6. and push with

docker push <remote tag>