AWS ALB Target Groups

A target group routes requests to targets (e.g. instances or Kubernetes service).

First, a listener rule is creates which specifies the target group and conditions. i.e. when a rule condition is met, traffic is forwarded to the target group.


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Routing Configuration
Target Type
Registered Targets
Target Group Attributes
Deregistration Delay
Slow Start Mode
Sticky Sessions
Create a Target Group
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Register Targets with Your Target Group
Tags for Your Target Group
Delete a Target Group


Sticky sessions route requests to the same target in a target group.  To use sticky sessions, the clients must support cookies. Useful for stateful apps.

Note: WebSockets are inherently sticky ‘cos target returns an HTTP 101 (Switching Protocols: ) and then, after WebSockets upgrade is complete, cookie-based stickiness is not used.