Azure: Infrastructure and Networking

Azure Datacentres Architecture

Azure Datacentres


AWS  -> Azure

Placement Groups -> Affinity Groups


Fabric Controller

Some racks have a fabric controller which:

  • provisions VMs
  • heals failed VMs
  • rehydrates VMs
  • manages health and lifecycle of VMs

Azure Stamp / Cluster

  • shipping container
  • 20 rack group
  • all hardware in stamp uses same processor generation
  • 800 to 1000 individual servers very close together

Regional Availability and High Availability

Each rack functions as a fault domain.

Availability sets keep VMs available during downtime (which includes unscheduled – e.g. equipment failures and scheduled maintenance).

You need to have VMs in an availability set to qualify for the Azure 99.95% SLA.

Availability set:

The closest I can find in AWS is this:


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