AWS Billing Alerts

Here’s how to get an alert if your AWS Bill exceeds a certain amount.

After you’ve enabled Billing Alerts:

1. change Region to us-east-1 (N. Virginia)

2. CloudWatch > Alarms > Create Alarm

3. Select Metric > Billing > Total Estimated Charge

4. Tick USD | EstimatedCharges

5. click Select Metric

6. Enter value in exceed

7. pick from send a notification to: (I use a List called NotifyMe with my email address). It seems to take a while for the drop down to respond.

8. click Show Advanced Option (at bottom) then update Name, Description

Note: you cannot change the Name after you’ve created an Alarm. The only way to do so is to delete your Alarm and start again.

9. click Create Alarm


Top tip:

  • go create alarms up to 100x your current billing in suitable increments – one day you’ll hit them and you want to be warned!


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