AWS: add ssh key, check fingerprint and add to Terraform

1. Generate key

ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C "<email address>"

File name: /home/dir/.ssh/file-name_id_rsa


2. Upload

AWS Dashboard > EC2 > Key Pairs > Upload


You can check the fingerprint with:

openssl rsa -in path_to_private_key -pubout -outform DER | openssl md5 -c

It’s important to use the correct openssl┬ácommand. There are 2 separate commands – one for an AWS generated key and the second for a key you upload.


3. add the key_name to Terraform

e.g. a launch configuration:


4. ssh in with

ssh -i ~/.ssh/<new-key> ec2-user@<public ip>

If you’re unable to connect make sure you’ve got port 22 open on the EC2 instance Security Group.

E.g. Inbound rule:

SSH from laptop


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