AutoHotKey alternative for Mac: KeyRemap4MacBook

Complex but powerful.

Don’t use it unless you’re prepared to fiddle with XML and read the docs. 

However, if you’re prepared to put in an hour you’ll reap the benefits – very useful.

Download it from:

and edit the private.xml using:

Preferences > Misc & Uninstall > Open private.xml

These are handy:


The Google Group:!forum/keyremap4macbook

A sample of how to do a key sequence:

List of KeyCodes:

List of ModifierFlags:

Less handy (unless you want to plough through issues):

E.g. to nudge cell contents to the next cell to the right, I use this (replaces Command-X, right cursor, Command-V):

<?xml version=”1.0″?>



<name>Excel: Quick Cut and Paste</name>




KeyCode::CURSOR_RIGHT, ModifierFlag::OPTION_L | ModifierFlag::SHIFT_L, 

KeyCode::X, ModifierFlag::COMMAND_L,


KeyCode::V, ModifierFlag::COMMAND_L,




Don’t forget to:

– select your custom shortcut in Preferences > Change Key

– and add it to your Login items


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