Apache: Client denied by server configuration

This error means that the access to the directory on the hard disk was denied by an Apache configuration. It could be that access was denied due to an explicit deny directive or due to an attempt to access a folder that is outside of the DocumentRoot. It can also happen when you are proxying and there’s no access configured for the proxied location. And it is the default response to a PUT request.

To fix this problem, look at the line in your ErrorLog, to find out which folder it is trying to access. 

If a <Directory> block already exists for that folder, make sure it is set to allow access as necessary. If not, add a <Directory> block to your Apache configuration file, allowing access as required. See the example below for folder /usr/local/awstats/htdocs.

<Directory /usr/local/awstats/htdocs>

  Order allow,deny

  Allow from all




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