3D Printing Services suck

Here’s why.

Shapeways – I found a zip file of a Millenium Falcon at Thingiverse. Uploaded it, waited 5 minutes, turned back and nothing seemed to have happened. Repeated 3 or 4 times.

Finally I unzipped the file. Turned out there were several STL files inside. Tried uploading one of them. Got this from Shapeways:

Oh no! Something went wrong and we couldn’t process your file. Please try again in a few minutes!

Tried another. Got the same.

Gave up.

Tried www.you3dit.com. Turns out I have to create a login before I can even see what it is they do. Typed Millenium into their Search box and ended up at a completely empty page.

Uploaded an STL. Turns out you have to fill in a Title and Description. Then, you have to check:

(even if you don’t need them). Bizarre.
Gave up on them too.

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