Passive aggressive handovers

Possibly one of the worst handovers I’ve ever experienced. I overheard this recently when a consultant was doing a handover to a colleague. Some classics!

  • It’s all self-documenting code. It’s obvious
  • Oh, you need to run it in a separate profile to get it to work, Choose the Debug Profile
  • Come on, this is obvious. Don’t embarrass yourself by asking
  • You’ve asked three times already. Don’t embarrass yourself by asking
  • One moment, we’ll get there (in response to a question – and then never returning to the question)
  • Dunno if I’ve the energy
  • Will my batteries on my laptop survive? (when at 100%)

I’m not making this up. These were all real phrases!

And then there were all the passive-aggressive phrases like “Yes” or “No” in response to questions instead of elaborating and explaining.

And the git commit history was funny. Line after line of commit messages saying “WIP”! And all the merges to master were done by himself – no peer reviews.

You can’t make this stuff up!


git and Sublime Text integration

I’ve tried GitSavvy and struggled using it.

I like Sublime Merge.

Install with Command Palette (Ctrl Shift P), Install, Sublimemerge 3.

Then use via Command Palette. E.g. blame > Sublime Merge: Blame File will launch a new window showing tons of detail.

Also, if you’re wanting Blame integration, take a look at Blame Explorer. Once installed just hover over the line number in a file to see the change log.