Auto Scaling Group: Launch of new EC2 instance fails – Reason: You have requested more instances (x) than your current instance limit of y allows for the specified instance type

What happens when an ASG fails to create instances because you’ve reached your limit of instance types in that Region?

E.g. you’re getting this error:

Failed: Launching a new EC2 instance.

Reason: You have requested more instances (x) than your current instance limit of u allows for the specified instance type. Please visit to request an adjustment to this limit. Launching EC2 instance failed.


So you put in a request to increase the limits. But what happens to the ASG – does it continue to try launching new instances – and when?

If you have multiple AZs and a single AZ is out of capacity it will try a few times then launch in another AZ.

But simply, yes, it will keep trying to launch in a Region.


TensorFlow: Pandas

pandasingests data.

Primary structures are:

  • DataFrame(matrix data)
  • Series (single column)

Install with pipor homebrew:

Read in data:



A few notes on GDPR.


GDPR now requires you to have a DPO (Data Protection Officer) in your organisation if you carry out certain data handling.


What  does PCI DSS (a set of regulations on card payments) have to do with GDPR?

Both are about securing personal data. The difference is that the GDPR is less prescriptive than the PCI DSS. The GDPR provides guidance on what needs protecting but does not provide a detailed action plan. Conversely, the PCI DSS details clearly what needs to be achieved and provides a clear methodology for securing cardholder data.


How the PCI DSS can help you meet the requirements of the GDPR

More on GDPR: