Why WeWork doesn’t work…

So I signed up as a Commons member of WeWork this last couple of weeks.

Here’s why it doesn’t work for me.

The Commons areas are usually simply tables distributed around a large open plan area. This area always has at least one person talking in a loud voice on their mobile phone disturbing the concentration of everyone else. There is ALWAYS one (UPDATE: or two or three). There are usually phone booths at WeWork areas but rather than using them they’ll stand in the middle of the public space talking loudly.

In addition, they’re almost always close to their limit meaning you’ll struggle to find desk space. That means sometimes you’ll need to perch at a bar or with your laptop on your knee on a sofa.

The alternative to this is to join and have a dedicated office. However, the prices are astronomical. A dedicated desk (that’s simply a desk in an open plan office) is $450. And offices are extremely over priced on a per-square footage basis. There are plenty of cheaper alternatives.

The argument for using WeWork is that you’ll get lots of connections – e.g. if you’re an app developer you can find a designer. However, that’s more hopeful thinking than anything else. If you really want a designer, just go along to a Design Meetup – you’ll find plenty.