Grabbing a result from Google with Nokogiri

1. Install Nokogiri

2. and use it like this

These help:
Nokogiri tutorials:

How to develop / migrate apps for the iPhone 5

1. Set a 4-inch launch image for your app called Default-568h@2x.png

This is how you get 1136 px screen height (without it, you will get 960 px with black margins on top and bottom).

This should be enough.

2. If not, adjust your view layouts with proper auto resizing masks or look into Auto Layout if you only want to support >= iOS 6.

If you need to some specific resizing then check the height of [[UIScreen mainScreen] bounds] (or applicationFrame, but then you need to consider status bar height if it's present) as there seems to be no specific API for that.


Let an iPhone user know they can access your content via their device

Here's how:

1. Check if the user-agent matches an iPhone/iPod Touch

2. Check for an appInstalled cookie

3. If the cookie exists and is set to true, set window.location to your-uri:// (or do the redirect server side)

4. If the cookie doesn't exist, open a “Did you know this site has an iPhone application?” dialog with a “Yes, already got it”, “No, let's try it” or a “Leave me alone” button.

Turning Pry into a debugger – pry-nav

Want to step through code or continue / next?

And add these to ~/.pryrc

Pry – Part 5 – Pry at runtime

Assuming you’ve halted the runtime at the point where you invoked the Pry REPL (see Pry – Part 4), you should have the Pry REPL.

A. The main ways of navigating the stack are the ls and cd commands.

ls shows you methods, constants and variables.

cd moves you into the new context (object or scope).

1. ls

2. cd

B. Apart from navigating state, there are two other commands that are very useful, show-method and show-doc.

1. show-method
This shows the source for a method or class.

2. show-doc shows the documentation by running the method comments through rdoc or yard

how do you change the syntax highlighting in Pry? Use Pry theme

Colours in Pry not quite how you want them?

Here’s how to change them:

To get rid of the warning message create a pryrc file and add a theme, e.g.

On the Mac, another alternative is to just change your Terminal preferences.

Questions on pry?

Hang out at #pry on