Insufficient space for application – Blackberry error message

Seems like everyone runs into this error message eventually. The pain is that the Blackberry seems to delete unsaved messages to recover space which is annoying.

To find out how much file free space you have do:
Options > Status
and look at the File Free number.
Anything under 12,000,000 bytes seems to be low!

The response to “Insufficient space for application” seems to be to:
– delete applications
– delete pictures
– clean up the browser cache

Excel Advanced Filter and the “extract range has a missing or illegal field name” message

Finally managed to get to the bottom of this horrible Excel bug.

When trying to use the Excel Advanced Filter I would constantly get the “extract range has a missing or illegal field name” error message which meant very little until I found this post.

In a nutshell I fixed this by:
a) making sure there wasn’t a space between the data and the header row
b) putting the destination data in completely empty cells
Not sure exactly which part of a) and b) was responsible for the fix but after spending the best part of half an hour I wasn’t in the mood to spend more time debugging Microsoft software.

Convert Outlook Contacts to Mac Address Book Contacts – Address Book Importer 2.0.7

Address Book Importer is a utility to import contacts into Apple’s Address Book application on Mac OS X. It works with CSV or tab-delimited files, and gives you complete control over how the import is done. In no time, your hundreds of contacts are stowed away in the Mac OS X central address book, where they can be used by any application. And if you need to perform an import on a periodic basis, your import mapping can be saved for future uses.

Compatible with Leopard.