Remove duplicate files on a Mac

Several solutions see to do the job.

These are:

  • Singular
  • dupeGuru
  • MrClean
  • FileBuddy9


I created a 2.7 GB directory of various duplicated files and ran them against each other.

Fastest: Singular, closely followed by dupeGuru. MrClean and FileBuddy trailed a long way behind.

Easiest to use: Singular starts off with a window asking you to drag your files into it. Super-simple. dupeGuru has more options on the initial screen which can be cumbersome. For example, you have to select which directories you wish to scan. However, the additional options allow you to add two different directories and also sort by size – very useful. MrClean and FileBuddy again have a rather complex initial setup.

Cons: FileBuddy obviously suffers from being an all-in-one application.

In conclusion, for a single directory, Singular is by far the easiest. However, if you wish to sort by size and/or check for duplicates on multiple directories then with dupeGuru wins out. One other consideration is that Singular has occasionally crashed with big directories whereas dupeGuru completed a 62GB directory scan comfortably.

Firefox “Looking up…” takes ages…

This may be a DNS problem in Firefox.

Check out these articles….

Firefox: “Looking up…” Takes Too Long [RESOLVED {for sure this time}] 

and the MozillaZine article:


From MozillaZine:

IPv6 is a new version of the Internet Protocol that will be used in the future instead of IPv4. Not all web servers correctly support IPv6, and this can lead to connection failures and delays in loading websites. This preference controls which servers to use IPv4 on even if IPv6 is enabled

Possible values and their effects

A comma-seperated list of domains to connect with IPv4 instead of IPv6. Default value is; in trunk builds this has been changed to an empty string.


Recommended settings

The default setting for this preference does not mean that Mozilla will ever contact (an internet ad company) if it is not requested, it just specifies which IP version to use if it is requested. The address was originally added because their DNS server was broken and caused delays in page loads; this has since been fixed. If you wish, you may delete this preference with no ill effects.