Maxtor OneTouch external hard drive with a MacBook

First of all, this is the product:

Oddly, it doesn’t appear under: Office and Business
but does under Creative Pros:

There are several differences between this and the other One Touch systems.

1. This offers RAID (both striping, for disk performance, and mirroring, for secure backups).

2. It has two large disks giving 1.5TB (or 750GB if mirroring)

3. It has Firewire 800 which is superfast. The MacBook doesn’t support Firewire 800 but the MacBook Pro or desktop do which is handy if you ever decide to upgrade.

OK, the down-sides.

1. The Disk Manager tool doesn’t work properly under Leopard (it won’t let you manage the RAID settings) which means if you want disk mirroring you having to install the Manager tool on a Windows machine to change the RAID settings as it is set up to do Striping by default. A pain and odd given that the disk is very Mac friendly – e.g. the disk is Mac formatted and the first section in the user guide is aimed at Mac users as opposed to PC users.

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