Design elements on websites

May be a little out of date now but, this survey compares website design elements.

In their words, not mine:

This survey compares 10 web sites through elements of their layout: styles, page construction and elements… The survey seeks similarities and differences between those well known web sites, built by famous, talented designers.

What can be observed is that those web sites agree on implicit, internalized layout and design norms (Consensus rate), and that deviance from these rules (Dissidence rate) is uncommon. 

SnatchEm Widget

SnatchEm – awesomely handy widget for the Mac. You point it at a URL and it downloads all files available on that page. From the maker:

A Mac OS X Dashboard Widget that used the XMLHttpRequest object in JavaScript to download the source, Regular Expressions to find the file references and the terminal program Curl, built in to BSD and OS X, to download the individual files.